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Zoom Mobility/Active Recovery

Mobility class is an opportunity to work on techniques and exercises to regain and retain the range of motion you need to excel in the gym and life. Expect to see stretches and mobility exercises that may be familiar from the gym, plus a whole lot of deeper self-massage work that we would never have time for in a normal class session. What not to expect: an hour of static stretching. There's no problem with doing an extended hammy stretch while zoning out on your phone - but this class is going to take an active approach that will require just as much engagement as a normal gym session. A foam roller (<- tap to see one on Amazon) and a lacrosse ball (<- tap to see one on Amazon) or tennis ball are needed for this class.

Click to join the class when it starts: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3181511877?pwd=QVIzeFIwN3MxcFFlV0htUDJvbHZmQT09